Francesca D’Ambrosio’s passion for Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (JDEI) translates to a successful career empowering organizations to create a more inclusive workforce. With experience in both the Federal Government and Not-for-Profit sector, Francesca has over a decade of experience providing corporate solutions, specifically within JDEI, to expand and develop revenue, funding and talent through comprehensive JDEI strategies, from creation to implementation.

As an advocate and expert in the JDEI space, Francesca works closely with community leaders and large corporations to achieve equity in the workplace and move towards a more inclusive society. She is a seasoned executive leader whose expertise lies in assessing viable strategies to alleviate systemic issues facing vulnerable groups and determining how to help organizations create a multicultural workforce and a safe and thriving work environment for all.

In a fast-moving and highly globalized world, Francesca firmly believes that geographical lines should be blurred. Even beyond that, she believes that systemic roadblocks should be removed to aid the efforts of all socially conscious organizations, no matter the size.

Francesca holds a masters in industrial and organizational psychology and numerous DEI and Human Resource certifications, including a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University.