1. What Is DEI?

    What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): Starting from the beginning, dismantling misconceptions and defining what these concepts mean for individuals.
  2. To build champions, they will need to understand impact. This provides a framework to discover and define allyship within your organization and how to engage and implement your organizational goals you are collectively working towards.
  3. LGBTQIA2+

    Providing a baseline for understanding the LGBTQIA2+ experience and providing tools to challenge assumptions around hetero-normative standards and behavior at work.
  4. More than just a buzzword, setting the table for employees to unpack the concept underneath it. This topic teaches how to process the idea of unconscious bias, moving past acknowledging bias and into real behavioral change.
  5. Building competency around race and ethnicity in the workplace. How to recognize and mitigate bias and microaggression.
  6. Diving into the strengths of different generations and expanding on how to harness the power of the total workforce.